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Purchase of antiques at home. Antique shop with international shipping

Our antique shop , located in the heart of Marbella, Malaga has a stock of more than 5000 antique and collectible pieces. Among them are furniture, ceramics, porcelain, paintings from the 18th century, we even have sculptures, jewelry and manuscripts . We know in detail each antique piece that we have, because we like to preserve a piece of history of cultures, countries and religions as it deserves.

With our antiques home delivery service you will not have to worry about displacement. We national and international shipments of antique pieces and collections, antiques that are worth their weight in gold.

Year after year, bella epoca arte y antigüedades has positioned itself as the most valued buying and selling antiques company in the Spanish market. Now, after 30 years of history , we are making the leap to digital and we offer our clients a free catalog of all our antiques at any time.

Antique shop for buying and selling antiques online from Barcelona, ??Madrid, Marbella

We have made 30 years of history and we want to celebrate it with our clients. Your favorite shop for buying and selling antiques online opens the door to the whole world. If you are in Barcelona, ??Madrid or Marbella you can buy any piece from our online antique catalog, as well as sculptures, paintings, antique furniture < / a>, vintage jewelry and watches , silver, ceramics, etc ...

If you are looking for an antique dealer in Barcelona or Madrid, you don't have to travel all over Spain, you can find what you are looking for in our extensive amount of antiques in a digital way . Call us and consult your next acquisition of a piece of modern history, or if you like the era of romanticism, classicism or even if we go to realism more, you will enjoy exclusive works, unique in the country.

Buy in our collection of high-age paintings 19th, 21st, 20th century.

The largest collection of paintings of all time . Bella Epoca Antigüedades offers pieces by well-known authors such as José María Rodriguez de losada, Carlos Luis Ribera, Elliot Daingerfield or José María Murillo Bracho with his famous Still Life Fruits and Flowers. Mostly oils on canvas belonging to French, European or Russian schools. Without a doubt the largest variety of antique pieces and collection on the market.

Day after day, people from all over the world visit our antique shop in Marbella asking for our new paintings and graphic works. We have paintings from High Period dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. Among them we are pleased to have a very special copy, the Sevillian School of the late 17th century by BERTOLOMÉ ESTEBAN MURILLO painted around 1666 .

Your leading national antique store. Shipping to all parts of the world.

Contact bella epoca art & antiques and get up to 15% discount on the purchase of your first antique. We are your leading antiques store in the sector, with insured shipments to all parts of the world. A collection of more than 5000 pieces and 3 generations of the most recognized antique dealer on the Costa del Sol, in Marbella.

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